• Daniel Hernandez

My Response to COVID-19

Keeping your car clean is key, there is so many germs out there, not to mention the gas pumps and the frequently touched surfaces inside your car. My response to this hot topic "corona virus", is to take extra precautions. Why not, it doesn't hurt, cleaner is always better. I put together a set of procedures when taking in vehicles which include; a vehicle checklist, vacuuming, cleaning your windows and the frequently touched surfaces. Those include: Steering wheel, cup holder, gear shifter, seatbelt clip, interior and exterior door handle and radio knob. After doing some research on what products to use and which to avoid, a little bit of regular soap and water will clean most surfaces. Keep in mind that cleaning is not the same as disinfecting. Second step is to disinfect the frequently touched surfaces. Most disinfecting wipes and solutions requires you to keep the surface wet for a period of time to be effective. Not all surfaces are the same and thats where it gets a little tricky, we don't want to dry out or discolor any surfaces. Stay away from alcohol and bleach solutions which will ruin your vehicles interior. Avoid using ammonia based cleaning products on touch screens, they can degrade the displays anti/glare coating. Below is a link to the CDC website on how to clean and disinfect your facility.